Ideas To Quicken And Improve The Compost


Apparently, throwing your kitchen waste into an old bin is not enough.

If you do not already know, Ted Talks are always great, and always a great source of knowledge.

I think it is brilliant that there is something from Ted Talks that I can carry with me into the garden.
Photo by: Michael Adams


In the video, McGrath is very informational and brings up a lot of points that I know I did not ever really realize, and that you might not have either.

Also, he is very funny which makes things entertaining and makes it an easy video to really enjoy.

McGrath brings up some eye-opening things.

For example, leaves can be essential to a compost pile and you may not be starting a compost at the right time in the year.

Spring is not always ideal for all things in gardening.

If you happen to be a beginner gardener, or composter, this video is especially for you.

Do not forget to check out the video, it could change your mind about some things, and, as always, have fun in your garden!





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