Fall is coming up sooner than many of us would like to admit. It is time to begin start thinking about preparation for the fall growing season.

This can often seem pretty overwhelming, or we may be confused on where to start.


Here are some garden tips on preparing for fall.
Photo by: Michael Coghlan


The first thing we should really do will make our life much easier in the future.

Simply assess the garden we have in place and see which plants were a success, which were not, etc.

This will help us save time, money, and stress in the future and make our fall gardens the next year easier to prepare for, as there will be less to worry about.
Photo by: Linda Beaverson


Go through our gardens and tend to the areas that seem bear with mulch and other organic matter.

This is important because, even though we could get away with less mulch in the summer, in the fall there is colder weather, in most areas, and the soil will need to be protected.

Plus, mulch is just the magic medicine for everything! Including holding down weeds.
Photo by: Ryan


Check our current gardens for diseases that may have taken root.

We will not want any of our new fall plants to get infected by the remnants of a disease.

This is so important!



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