How To Plant And Maintain Rose Gardens


Rose gardens are perhaps the most popular flower beds we see in our yards. They will grow in almost any zone and offer us so many colors, sizes, and designs.

For some gardeners though, rose gardens can be a little bit of a challenge. These flowers can be sensitive and we need to take good care of them and facilitate provisions of everything that it needs.


Planning to Plant
Photo Credit: JuniperJungle

It is important to decide on the objective. What kind of roses would we like in our garden? When would they like the roses to be in full bloom? Careful planning and diligent care will help gardeners achieve their objectives not just for roses but for plants in general.

  • Blessed Union. Gardeners need to make sure that they plant the bud union about an inch or two below the soil level depending upon the usual climate in the area. In warmer places, gardeners can plant the bud union above soil level. Planting it too deep would prevent access to the nourishment it needs. Also, gardeners should make sure that there is enough room for root growth.

  • Start right. Before planting, gardeners need to make sure that the rose is perfect. Get rid of dried leaves, damaged roots, decayed shoots, and very long roots.

  • Beautifully bare. If gardeners decide on planting barefoot roses, then they need to soak the roses in water overnight prior to actual planting.

  • Water Work. Just like when planting most kinds of flowers, gardeners need to water the soil to prepare it for planting to provide immediate supply of water that the plant needs for survival and growth. Roses also love organic elements in its soils.



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