How To Make A Growing Tower


Gardening is always so fun because there are so many different ways to do it. Another awesome thing about it is, it can be a pretty independent hobby that is simple to do on your own, most of the time. It’s also a hobby that can involve more than just you!


So, here is a video that you should watch about how to make your own organic, independent, grow tower. The video is by Survival HT and it is so handy. In the grow tower, you can fit about fifty to seventy five plants! This is literally in three square feet. I think that is amazing! She points out in the beginning of the video that it is a worm container, compost bin, and container garden. All three of those things in just one grow tower.


Grow towers are great in the garden, or greenhouse, because they don’t take up a lot of space and they are very easy to take care of and keep up with. Not only that, it has aesthetic value and can really bring a dynamic into your garden. The benefits are high and the cost seems to be pretty low, so I would definitely give this a try! These towers can be very expensive when bought in stores, but in the video she is clear that all it cost her to make the tower was a few dollars.


That is always a good thing. A thing to keep in mind with the grow tower is that shallow rooted plants tend to be less of a hassle and do better in the tower because there is not a big risk of root tangle. Also, the specific one she is showing us how to make is versatile, it can be cleared out and used again for different plants. You really only need to make one of these, just this one time and you will be set for years! Don’t forget to check out the video, it is very helpful and enjoy your new grow tower.


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