How To Grow Mangos


Mangos are a delicious fruit that we can easily enjoy right out of our own gardens. First, make sure to check out a USDA zone chart first to make sure the plant can harvest successfully!

If the plant can grow in your area then it would make a great refreshing fruit choice. These are some steps on how to plant and grow mangos.


1. First you have to get ahold of a seed. The best way to do this is to find a mango tree nearby. This will ensure that you get a mango that will do very well in your climate and area. If you cannot find a tree then you can order seeds or try one from a mango that you buy from the store. Using a store bought mango might reduce your chances for success.
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2. Get rid of the mango flesh, carefully, and inspect the seed. If the seed is tan and fresh looking, then it should be good. If the seed is looking grayish or shrivelled up, then do not use that see because it is not healthy.

3. There are two ways to prepare the seeds, drying and soaking, that will be given to you in the next two steps and whichever method you use is up to you.

4. This is the drying method. First, dry the seed off with a paper towel. Put it in a place that is very airy, sunny, and dry. Let the seed sit there for about three weeks. Then, you should delicately crack the seed slightly ope. Use one hand and be sure not to completely split it in half. Leave it to dry for another week. After that, just put some enriched soil with good drainage in a pot and push the seed into it, belly button down. You should then water it everyday to every other day. You should have sprouting after about four to six weeks. When the seedling as well established roots, you can move it into the garden.
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5. This is the soaking method. Carefully sand down, or cut the seed until there is a small abrasion, just to barely break through the outer shell. This will make it easier for the germination process to occur. After that, put the seed in a jar of water and put the jar somewhere warm. Let it soak for twenty four hours. The, you can take the seed out of the jar and put it in a moist paper towel. Place the paper towel in a plastic bag and cut off one of the corners of the bag to allow air flow. Make sure the paper towel stays damp and allow the seed to sprout. This normally takes about a week or two. Keep the bag in a warm place, as well as damp to help this process. To ensure that the seed makes it through the early stages in the correct temperature. Allow the plant to be exposed to a little bit of sunlight at a time to let it harden before you transplant into your garden.

6. After doing one of the methods, you must think about where to plant the tree. It should be a spot that is fully in the sun, has good drainage, and can handle a big tree. You can leave it in the pot, but your tree will be very small. This may make it more manageable.

7. Do not fertilize too much, otherwise you may not get too much fruit ever. Mangos mature slowly so it may be years before fruit bearing.




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