Get Rid Of Weeds In A Vegetable Garden (Video)



Weeding a garden can take up the majority of our time in the garden if we let it.

It is possible to reduce the time spent weeding and increase the amount we harvest from our vegetable garden.

If we start early in the growing season and are persistent during this period we will find it easier in the later summer to keep the week under control.

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This video will demonstrate simple weeding techniques which will help you keep weeds under control.  A weed is anything that is growing where you do not want it to. They will compete with your plants for water, nutrients and sunlight.

Both annual and perennial weeds are handled differently for the best results.  It also explains how to use mulches and weed barriers to stop future weeds from germinating.
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The work is made easier by attacking the weeds when they first appear and not letting them get a good start.  You garden plants are the ones that need the sunlight, nutrients and water.  You time and effort will be focused on what you are growing and not what needs to be taken out to let things grow.

Be quick to start weeding when they are small.  This makes it simple to remove them before there is any damage to your vegetables.  Watch the video and learn easy tips to keep it simple.


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