How To Get Rid Of June Bugs



June bugs go by many different names: June beetle, May beetle, Japanese beetle but no matter what you call them they can damage you lawn, landscape plants and you garden.
Photo Credit: David Hill

June bug insects can be controlled through a few simple sets.

There are several different species that are commonly called June bugs and they include:

  • Chafer Beatle

  • Green June Beetle

  • Japanese Beetle

  • Ten-Lined June Beetle

They all appear around May or June and have the same basic body shape of oval back and pincers at the front.
Photo Credit: K Schneider

They all feed on the leaves of landscape plants.

The grubs of the insects (larvae stage) also feed on your lawn..

The damage is usually large brown area in the lawn that can easily be lifted from the ground.

No matter the species they are all treated the same way.
Photo Credit: Travis

To treat the larvae stage (grubs) apply and insecticide to the lawn and then water it in so it gets into the soil.

You can use Sevin, Bacillus Thuringiensis, milky spore or grub nematodes.

All can be effective.

Once the grub developers into the June bug you can use an insecticide on the affected plants to remove the bug. If you like organic method better you can make a June bug trap.

Use a jar or can and place a white light at the top with an inch or two of vegetable oil at the bottom of the container.
Photo Credit: Tee La Rosa

The container must be open at the top so the June bug can fly in towards the light.

They will fall into the oil below and not be able to fly away again.

Attracting small snakes, frogs and toads to you yard will also help rid you of the June bug pest.

These are predators of the June bug.
Photo Credit: Tony Alter

Knowing how to rid you lawn or garden of June bugs will help keep you greens areas looking great.




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