How To Germinate Seeds Fast And Easy

Germinate Seeds



The fastest method to germinate seeds is also as we have found one of the easiest. We have used this method for flowers, vegetables, fruit and even trees. We start our seeds indoors to give them the best start and it germinates more seeds than we would receive outdoors. This video takes us through the germination stage.

The only items needed are hydrogen peroxide, perlite, water, zip lock baggy and a marker to identify the type of seed germinating.

A little perlite in the baggy enough to make sure the seed can be covered.  Drop the seeds in next. Shake it around to cover the seed completely with the perlite.  Mix the hydrogen peroxide with the water.  The mixing ratio is one tea spoon to 16 oz. of water.  Add enough water to wet the perlite fully but do not let the water stand in the baggy.  Zip the baggy closed and place on the window seal.  Four to five days later the seed should be germinating.

Watch the video for step by step directions, hope you enjoy!

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