How About Roses?



They are beautiful flowers that have a great, light scent and can really add something special to a garden or just be a great garden themselves.

They may have a reputation of being somewhat of a chore, but they don’t have to be! Here are some great tips on how to start a rose garden.
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It is important to plan out where we want to plant the roses. These plants love and thrive in the sun so a spot with direct sunlight would be most ideal. If this is not a possibility for you, as in you do not have a spot for the roses where it is sunny all the time, then your best bet is to plant them in a spot where they will get the most sun in the morning.

In the northern hemisphere this is along the east or south side of the lawn or house or wherever you choose. Also, when it comes to choosing a location make sure you choose a place with good drainage. Observing where water puddles in your yard should help you determine the spot based off of the drainage. Avoid any place where water gathers.
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The next part in preparation is taking care of the soil in the area where your roses will go. To start, try testing the soil. This can be important, that way we know what little tricks we can use.

What I mean is that there are some things that you can do to improve the growth of the roses, based on the soil. For example, adding lime to your soil is a possible way to improve conditions for growth. But this should only be done in soil that is acidic. Other than adding anything like lime you should also add some peat moss or compost to your soil. About two inches of it. To do this, dig down approximately a foot and add the moss or compost there.

Be sure to do this to the entire garden bed, not just below where you are planting the roses. This makes sure that the roots can grow without limitations and that drainage will be good. The peat moss or compost will regulate moisture levels.
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Next it is picking the type of roses for your garden. Make sure to pick ones that are durable and that do well in your hardiness zone. Garden centers in your community should have some advice on the best roses for your area. Getting roses with bare roots are cheaper than buying them in the pot. For these kinds of roses just dig a hole that is a bit bigger than the root size, place it in and backfill it. For potted roses just take them out of the pot and gently loosen the roots before planting them.
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After planting it is important to keep the soil around the plants moist. The amount of watering you do depends completely on the type of soil you have. So be sure to check the soil beneath the surface to see how well it retains moisture. If it is dry when you dig down about four to six inches then you should water more.

Also, be sure to water all around the roses that way the roots space out and try to train them the best you can to go deep into the soil for water. This makes the drought tolerant.

The next thing you should think about is fertilizer. You have to be careful when to use the fertilizer in order for it to have its full effect on the roses. For example, fertilizing late in summer is not effective because winter climates can weaken the fertilizer. The best time is in the spring. Beware of Japanese beetles. These little pests love roses so get those natural pesticides or keen eyes ready.

Last, just cover the area with mulch. This will help keep moisture in and weeds down.




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