Herbs over the Fall and Winter



Summer is coming to an ends and fall will soon start. There are a lot of great things that we can plant in a fall garden but herbs are often not a part of that. So during cold weather and the fall and winter seasons we may have to move the herb garden inside. So here are some tips on making an indoor herb garden.


To start, you must decide what kinds of herbs you want to grow. Consider starting small, with just three or four of your favorite herbs, and then add to it as you get the hang of things. You need to also think about what you can grow them in. There are a lot of racks that you can buy, or make, that saves space but still allows an extensive herb garden. The containers that they are in need to have good drainage. Make sure that the soil used for the herbs is very rich and contains organic matter. Potting soil will do the job. Just avoid using dirt from outside because it may pack into the pot too tightly.


After getting these things ready it is time to make sure you are taking proper care of your indoor herb garden. You have to make sure that the herbs get at least six hours of sun. Now, seeing that you are inside, this may be a difficult thing to accomplish. So, if you cannot find a properly sunny spot, you can always purchase a fluorescent light bulb and place it less than a foot above the herbs. Make sure they all get equal amounts of light. The temperature that they grow in is also important. Most do not do well in cold weather, so keeping the garden in a temperature of sixty five to seventy five degrees Fahrenheit is optimal. Make sure to keep any cold drafts away!


Watering the herb garden correctly is essential to the success of the garden. When the top of the soil is dry, but any lower is still moist, you should water the herbs. To give the herbs an extra boost, you can add water soluble fertilizer about once a month. The herbs will also need some humidity and moving air to thrive. You can mist them about once every week or you can set them in a tray that has pebbles and water. With this, mildew can become an issue. That is why air circulation is important. You may want to add a fan to keep the air moving.






Source: Garden Know How


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