Growing Radishes Is Easy and Quick


Radishes are a great and easy vegetable to start your spring garden with.

They grow in almost all hardiness zones except maybe number 1.

They can be started as soon as the snow has melted and they are ready to harvest in about 25 days from planting.

This makes them a great vegetable to grow with young gardeners as they see quick results that help keep the interest up in the garden.

They come in many different shapes, sizes and colors and are wonderful in soups and salads.
Photo Credit: Julio Martínez

Radishes will take full sun in the garden.

If they are planted in the shade or where other plants shade them they will put their energy into producing bigger leaves.

Plant no deeper than ½ inch in loss soil.

The bulb will need to push the dirt out as it matures.

They like nitrogen poor soil the best.

If planting in row space the rows about one foot apart.

Make a row in the soil ½ inch deep and space the seed around 2 inches apart.
Photo Credit: nicdalic

We can always thin the plants in a week or two if needed since crowded plants will not do well.

Plant consecutively each two week period or so while weather is still cool for a continuous harvest of radishes.

We can also plant at the end of summer or early fall and still have time to get a great harvest with the radishes’ short 25 day maturity time.

Growing should be suspended in the hot middle summer months.

Do not leave radishes in the ground after maturity as they will deteriorate quickly.

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