Growing Onions Successfully – Video


Being able to get a visual on how to grow things can make the process a little easier for some people. Onions are a very common vegetable that can be grown in cooler weather, which is perfect for this time of year.

Onions are one of my favorite vegetables to grow and cook, so today I thought I would bring in a simple video on how to grow, harvest, and store onions. The video is very well done and is by Joe and Zach Survival. The tips shared with us in the video are very beneficial, which is evident from the crop of successful onions used as a visual in the video.

Obviously if you are very experienced with growing onions you may know some of these tips or have a successful way of doing things yourself, and that is great. Whether you are a beginner, or expert, there is always more out there to learn and try in the garden, so still give the video a chance and watch it.

The video talks about everything. He addresses how to grow onions, when to harvest, how to harvest, and the best ways to store.

Did you know that the time to harvest onions is very evident because it is when the green tops of the onions start to yellow and fall over? When this happens to about eighty-five percent of your onions, it is time to harvest. That is one interesting point that he goes over in the video that taught me a little something about onions.

After some of the onions have fallen and yellowed, you push the tops of the rest of them down and let them sit for about ten to fourteen days. There are more things to consider in this process and much more is explained in the video.

Check out the video and maybe pick up a few new tips and tricks that you can try in your own garden. Have fun in the garden!

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