Growing Mint – Tips For Care & Harvesting



One great and flavorful plant to add to your garden, and diet, is mint. There is a vast amount of varieties you can try, so there really are no limitations and you can choose from types with purple, pink, or white flowers.

Some varieties are fuzzy versus smooth as well. Planting mint can contribute to cooking, air freshening, and even natural medicine.

Here is some information on how to grow mint and take care of it. Give it a shot!


Planting Tips
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  • These plants are perennials and they will be most beneficial when provided with efficient drainage and light soil.

  • Mint should be moist, but generally well drained. This may be confusing, but just keep the site slightly wet and do not plant anywhere that tends to flood when it rains.

  • They do not necessarily need direct sunlight, in fact variegated types might even prefer no direct sun.

  • If you are planning on planting outside, then place each plant that you have about two feet apart and make sure the soil is moist. Most people find that they really only need about one to two plants, but that is up to you entirely. Mint gets to be about one to two feet tall.

  • If you are panting somewhere that could be considered restricting, such as a pot, then you can add a layer of compost or organic fertilizer about every few months. Also, make sure you keep your potted plants protected when winter cold blows in.


Basic Care


  • For the plants that you plant outside, mulch lightly to keep leaves clean and ground moist.

  • For indoor plants, make sure soil is moistened evenly.

  • Make sure to prune and pick in order to keep tidy and under control.

  • Mint is not a needy plant, so do this and you should be successful in proper growth!
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Pests to Keep An Eye Out For

  • Powdery mildew

  • Leaf spot

  • Rust

  • Stem canker

Mint repels mice and is considered deer repellent.


Harvesting and Storing


  • Harvesting often is the key to success. Now, you can dry them or freeze them but they are always better when they are fresh off the plant. Also, be aware that young leaves are the most flavorful.

  • Before flowering, you can sever the stem about an inch up from the ground. Harvest of the whole plant can be done two or three times in one season.

  • Or, my favorite method, just picking the leaves when you see purpose for them.





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