Growing Lots Of Food In Small Amounts Of Space


The times are changing and with it comes more technology, buildings, and less space for our gardens. Now gardening while living in a small space or urbanized area can be one of the most frustrating things. But, it is possible and amazing results are still achievable even with a small garden. The space we have does not completely dictate our harvests. Brought to us today is a video by Alberta Urban Garden Simple Organic and Sustainable, featuring Steven.

The video gives us ten tips that are pretty simple on how to grow a lot in small gardens. Now, this is helpful even if you have a larger garden because it can teach you ways to really get the most out of your land. With that being said, no matter the size of your garden, I really encourage you to watch the video because Steven brings up a lot of good and beneficial points.

Some of these points are pretty creative and make the whole experience pretty fun. One basic tip is that he tells us to take advantage of space that is not being used. He uses the specific example of the vertical space, but growing vertically is not our only option. Think about the space, any space, that you could garden if you are bold enough and do it! Small gardens certainly shake up the traditional gardening process.

He also brings up being a matchmaker. What plants actually do very well when planted very close together? There are a lot of things that you can do with your space and Steven brings up many more points in the video, in fact he even talks about high density planting and goes over some ways of doing that that were very new to me and might be new for you too. Do not forget to check it out and have fun in your garden!


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