Growing Lettuce Inside For The Winter Season



When the winter season comes it’s time to decide what we will be growing inside. So why not grow some lettuce?

Growing it inside isn’t hard and just requires a few good tips to follow. It can also offer a harvest every 3 – 4 weeks so you’re not waiting too long between getting to enjoy it!


Here are 3 things lettuce needs to grow and how to harvest our leaves.


3 Things Lettuce Needs
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1. 4 Inches Of Soil

Baby lettuce has a long tap root. They need a deeper pot than microgreens. If you can give them at least 4 inches of soil depth, it will have room to grow.


2. Grow Lights Or A Bright Daylight Window

Young lettuce needs a bright, full spectrum grow light, or a very sunny window. If your natural light is dim in winter, provide supplemental lighting for baby greens. The full spectrum grow light should be placed about 4″ above the top of the leaves.

If you notice the leaves of your baby plants stretching and becoming spindly, lower the light to give adequate light for plant growth or raise plants to get them within 4 inches of the light. If they are in a sunny window, this is an indication that they need supplemental light.


3. Organic Fertilizer

Baby lettuce leaves require nitrogen and trace minerals for fast growth. Sweet, tender baby leaves must grow fast to maintain their good qualities.

Plan to feed your baby lettuce with liquid fertilizer after each harvest. When treated this way we can expect three harvests from each planting, every 3 to 4 weeks.

When you are finished harvesting, just dump the soil in the compost, then wash and sanitize the container.



After four weeks your baby greens should be ready to harvest. The leaves will be 3-4″ high. Using scissors cut them off ½ inch above the soil surface.

Wash them well. Drain or put them through a salad spinner. Use them as you would lettuce or spring greens.




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