Growing a Pineapple



Pineapple is a very sweet and delicious fruit that we are sure to enjoy. Why not enjoy it straight from the back yard garden? The great thing about starting to grow pineapple is that all that is really needed is a pineapple.

So get one from wherever we prefer and begin the process below!

  1. Make sure that the pineapple is fresh and in the prime condition. First, look at the leaves of the plant. Make sure that you do not choose one with brown or yellow leaves, or wilting leaves. The, feel the pineapple. It should be pretty firm and have a brownish, gold color. Last, you have to pick one that is ripe. The best way to do this is to smell the pineapple. It should have a sweet smell. The pineapple cannot be too ripe. So tug at one of the leaves and if it comes out without effort, it is too ripe.

  1. You must take the top of the pineapple off. To do this you can hold the fruit in one hand and the base of the leaves in the other and then twist. The leaves should come off, all still together, and the base of them still intact. If this does not work for you than just cut the top of the fruit off, with the leaves, and shed off any fruit until you just have the leaves with the base all together.


  1. Show the stem. To do this you must strip the lower leaves until a few inches of stem are showing. Be sure to get rid of any fruit that may still be connected. Make sure not to cause any damage to the now exposed stem.

  1. The next thing you have to do is let the pineapple dry. Just flip it upside down and let it sit. This is important because anywhere where there was any damage, from peeling the leave to cutting the fruit away, will harden.

  1. You then need to find a glass that is big enough to fit the base of the pineapple, but not too big because you do not want it to fall in completely. Fill this glass with water. To keep this from happening you can stick two toothpicks into the top of the stem, across from each other, only deep enough for them to stay in place. This will make it easier for the pineapple to suspend in the water.


  1. Then you put the stem in the water. The toothpicks will be resting on the rim and the stem should be in the water while the leaves stick out on top.

  1. Place the glass in the sun and await sprouted roots. This should take anywhere from several days to a few weeks. The roots will be white. Make sure to keep the temperature at room temperature, just never too hot or cold, and change the water every few days.


  1. After you see some sprouting it is time to get a pot of soil ready. The pot should be about six inches, with simple garden soil. You should add thirty percent blend of organic matter to give the pineapple the nutrients it needs to survive. The pineapple will be ready to plant when the roots are a few inches long. Be sure to avoid getting soil on the leaves.

  1. When it is planted, it needs to be in a sunny, warm and moist environment. Make sure the temperature it is in does not dip below sixty five degrees Fahrenheit and if it is not naturally humid then be sure to mist it quite often. Make sure the pineapple gets a lot of sun.


  1. The best way to take care of the plant from here is to water it lightly once a week and to feed it with a half-strength fertilizer twice a month when the summer hits.


  1. Then you wait. Unfortunately, you may have to wait years but a flower should soon appear in the center of the leaves and the pineapple will grow from this.




-My Yard Garden

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