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Blueberry plants are not the most common thing we would think of to grow in our backyards, but it’s actually a great idea!

All we need to know to start a blueberry bush is mainly what the chill hour is and which plant fits for how many chill hours you have.

With that information you can get started and enjoy the harvest!


What’s A Chill Hour?

A “chill hour” is any hour where the temperature is under 45F.

Chill Hour Cheat Sheet

  • If you live in Zones 5-9, your average number of chill hours is 500

  • If you live in Zones 4-7, your average number of chill hours is 1000+

Blueberries need a specific number of cold hours each winter to regulate their growth. If a blueberry bush doesn’t experience enough cold in the winter, the flower buds might not open at all in spring.

Match Your Blueberry Plant to Chill Hours

Now choose a blueberry plant that thrives in your environment. Most likely, you’ll choose a Northern Highbush or a Southern Highbush.

  • If your chill hours average 800-1,000, choose Northern Highbush.

  • If you chill hours average 150-700, choose Southern Highbush.

  • Rabbiteye variety is native to the southern United States. Chill hours needed for this blueberry bush are 350-700.

Northern Highbush and Southern Highbush are the two most common varieties. Blueberries from these plants varieties are most often find in stores.
Photo Credit: NechakoRiver

Pick Two or Three Varieties for Cross-Pollination

Blueberry plants need to be cross-pollinated with other blueberry plants of different variety. When choosing Northern or Southern Highbush plants, pick two or three different kinds to ensure they will bear fruit.


Plant Bare Root Plant In Containers Or Directly Into The Ground

  • If you’re using a container, choose one that allows for 20 inches of root depth.

  • Plant your bush to the same depth it was planted when you received it.

  • Mulch well (3 inches deep) with shredded leaves, pine needles, or wood chips.

  • Water well, one-to-two inches of water each week.

If you’re planting straight into the ground:

  • Work up planting area approximately 2-1/2 feet in diameter and one foot deep.

  • Remove 1/3 to 1/2 of the soil.

  • Plant your bush to the same depth it was previously planted.

  • Water and mulch.

  • Don’t fertilize until spring.


Caring for Your Blueberry Plant It’s First Year

Blueberry bushes are moisture sensitive. They like their soil to stay moist, but not soaking wet. Your plant’s leave will tell you if the water content is too much or too little.

Things To Do:

  1. When your plant’s flowers begin to bud in the late winter or early spring, pinch off the flowers to encourage a strong root system. You have to wait for the second or third season to begin harvesting your beautifully nutritious berries.

  2. Prune away any damaged, blotchy and dead branches, twigs, or side shoots.

  3. Fertilize your plant(s) in the early and late spring with an acid fertilizer, and again in the fall. But, use half as much fertilizer in the fall.

  4. Freshen up the mulch.

  5. When the berries start to “show color”, protect them from birds with netting.

  6. If deer cross through your property, you already know to keep your blueberry bushes behind deer fencing.



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