Great Plug Plants
Photo by: mwms1916
  1. Geraniums are a great choice to add to your garden as a plug plant because, like fuchsias, they are hard to raise from seeds, and they take a lot of work and time to raise from cuttings because of over-wintering. There are many colors and you can do many things with these plants, like planting and trailing. They are a great choice to add some dynamic to your garden.
Photo by: Toshiyuki IMAI
  1. Pansies and violas, which are related to pansies and are smaller, do great in bed, borders, and containers. You can even get a winter-flowering variety that will provide color when most plants are dormant. Plug plant pansies are immediately at your use, so take advantage of these beautiful flowers as soon as possible.
photo by: crabchick
  1. Wallflowers are very popular for their amazing scent and beautiful colors in the springtime. These plants are often considered to be biennials, and need to be sowed the years before you have flowers. They often require a lot of attention during the hottest times of the years when they are seedlings. This is why plug plants can be such a relief! They are also very adaptable plants who do well even in poor soil.
Photo by: Toshiyuki IMAI
  1. Primrose plants are beautiful, and again the seedling hassle is well avoided by getting a plug plant. They are hardy from late winter to late spring and have a fragrance that people will love!






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