Great Plug Plants


What are plug plants?

Well, they are plants that are added to a garden in order to spice it up and add some color to it. And the best part? They are easy. Plug plants are simply there for aesthetic pleasure, and they are not raised from seeds, but rather bought strong and ready to go.

This takes away a lot of pressure, and can make it easier on the gardener who I am sure worries about bigger things, than just the look of the garden.

So, here are the top eight plug plants to add to your garden. This will give you beauty in the simplest way.
Photo by: Jim, the Photographer
  1. Begonias are plants that are actually very difficult to raise from the seed and the tubers can be expensive if the space that you would like to fill with them is large. So, getting them as a plug pant is the best way to do it. When you consider the size of the plug plant, keep in mind that smaller plug plants do best when they are in pots, and jumbo plugs can be planted wherever you want them, as long as frost is no longer a danger. These plants should stay strong until the first frosts.

Photo by: Satrina0
  1. Petunias are another plant that can be kind of hard to raise from plants, but they are beautiful when they are used as a plug plant. There are many ways to put these plug plans to use, such as in beds, containers, and/or hanging baskets. Petunias are considered to be annuals that are pretty sustainable and should be very strong until the first of the frosts.
Photo by: Carnat Joel
  1. Fuchsias are even better in the way that they can be very hardy, and therefore can be enjoyed for years. They are easy to grow from cuttings, but it can take a lot of time and space to ensure their success. Plug plants provide gardeners with a quicker ending. What is also cool is that fuchsias in trailing can go straight into the hanging basket or container, without being potted first.
Photo by: Bob Bibbings
  1. Carnations (dianthus plants) are beautiful and come in lovely, summery colors. They are a beautiful addition to the garden, but can take about a year to flower. The wait for those flowers would be a very big excitement killer, so plug plant carnations are the way to go!





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