Great Flowers for Color and Texture in the Garden


Coneflowers are cute, and charming flowers that add a lot of different colors, and dynamic to a garden.

When they mature, you can bring some of that charm into your home. Here are some tips on growing coneflowers.
Photo by: Jeff Dzadon

Planting the Flowers

  • First you need to loosen your soil. Till, or dig, down about twelve to fifteen inches.

  • Mix in a two to four-inch layer of compost into the soil that you have loosened up.

  • Plant the seeds in a place that is well drained and has full sun, though sun exposure can depend on the type of coneflower you have. Plant one to three feet apart.

  • If you happen to be transplanting from a pot to outside, make sure to place it in a hole that is twice the diameter of the pot, but level with the top of the root ball. Bury it to the top and water deeply.
Photo by: Audrey

Taking Care

  • When spring rolls around, you should cover the soil around the plants with a thin layer of compost, and then a two-inch layer of mulch so that things stay moist and weeds are prevented.

  • If you do not get much rain, you should water your plants pretty regularly in the summer.

  • Make sure to cut off any dead, or worn, flowers. This will prolong the season of blooming and halt self-seeding.

  • Every three to four years you should split up the flowers into clumps.
Photo by: Gabrielle Ludlow

On the next page we list the pest and diseases to watch for  and the different varietires to try in the garden.



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