Great Bugs For The Garden



A lot of our time in the garden may be spent on trying to repel any bugs and insects that can harm our plants.

What about the bugs that is actually beneficial to the garden?

Having these kinds of bugs around may be more helpful than you thought. They can assist us in everything from pollenating to getting rid of the bugs we don’t want!


5 Types Of Bugs We Should Keep Around
Photo Credit: Thomas Hawk


Ladybugs aren’t just for good luck and school yards. They eat aphids and other insects that have soft bodies and also nectar and pollen, which they need to reproduce. Because they enjoy nectar and pollen they are getting with help us pollinate our flowers and vegetables.
Photo Credit: Lisa Brown


These adults may be seemingly harmless, primarily feeding on nectar. But, the larvae are vicious predators. They eat aphids, thrips, scales, moth eggs, tiny caterpillars, and mites. Do you need rid of harmful pests? Get some lacewings and wait for larvae.
Photo Credit: Troup Dresser

Hover Flies/ Flowers Flies/ Syrphid Flies

These are all the same bug, known by different names. The adults of this bug eat nectar and pollen. The larvae eat aphids and can reach in small spaces to get those aphids. They are especially helpful during early spring which is before other beneficial insects are around and active.


Ground Beetles

These critters will eliminate many slugs, snails, cutworms, root maggots, and Colorado potato beetle larvae that are contaminating your garden. A good way to attract ground beetles is by putting logs, or rocks in your garden, or by adding perennial covers.
Photo Credit: Ferran Pestaña

Parasitic/Hunting Wasps

There is such thing as a mini wasp. This is a wasp so small that you can barely tell it is there. These insects are great for the garden because they control pests by targeting the eggs of the pests. A good way to attract these soldiers is planting pollen and nectar plants.




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