Gardening Doesn’t Have to Cost Much!

Gardening is a wonderful hobby and experience that can benefit you in many ways.

But nowadays it can sound expensive with talk of raised beds, modified seeds, and many bags of mulch being needed.

Not to mention the tools and everything else that comes with it. Well, here is a secret; it does not have to be expensive!

Here are five ways to start a garden on a budget.


  1. Forget the Beds                                                                                                                                                     The cost to make, or buy, raised flower beds can definitely be counteractive to the whole budget thing. That is okay because, really, you do not need them. You can gather your soil and just plant away. Plant your vegetables with your flowers and make things work with what you have. If you plan on using pesticides on your vegetables, which can cost a bit of money, than you may want to consider keeping them away from other plants.

  1. Find Materials to Make Mulch                                                                                                                 You do not have to buy several bags of mulch to cover your garden. Mulch is not something you only find at a store. It can be made from many different materials, some that you may have at home. Some alternatives would be lying newspaper on the soil, or using those grass clippings in your lawn mower. Both of these options carry out the purpose of mulch, to keep moisture, suppress weeds, and provide some nutrients to the garden. If you wish to cover your homemade mulch hay is a cheap way to do that. Hay would also provide nutrients as it breaks down.



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  1. Jan Franklin said:

    I already use some of these suggestions but will try some of the others too. I love anything to do with gardening.

    • myyardgarden said:

      We love using things that we already have or will be discarding. We are working on a bottle garden stack using plastic bottles. Look for an update on it soon.