Garden Myths To Be Aware Of



Sometimes, even if it may seem to make sense, the tips and techniques we hear about gardening are not true. For the safety of our gardens, it’s important to be aware of these garden myths. So here are some garden myths brought into the light for us that are commonly used.
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  • The first myth is that burying our banana peels in our gardens will boost the potassium levels in our roses. Now yes, bananas do have a lot of potassium and their peels are carriers of this. But, when you plant the peels, they can actually do more harm than good. When the peels are broken down they can extract an immense amount of nitrogen in the soil. This will result in a decrease in nitrogen used for greening in plants. If you want to add some potassium to your garden, add the peels into a compost and let them break down there before adding to your garden.
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  • It may seem to make some sense, but drought-tolerant plants do need water. A common misconception is that they do not. They, fortunately, just need less water. If the plant is young, it is especially important to keep the soil slightly moist around it at least for the first year. This will ensure deep, strong root growth.
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  • We often think that anything organic is better than synthetic, and a lot of times this may be correct. But definitely not always. Some natural pesticides can be more harmful to your garden, and maybe even you and your pets, than the synthetic ones. Sometimes there is a substitution for a good reason. For example, pyrethrin is a natural pesticide that is actually very harmful. So make sure you look into the ingredients of your pesticides and such when planning to use them in your garden.



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