Five Tips For Spring Landscaping

Let’s think ahead and plan for spring, it makes it so much more enjoyable! Spring is the time to get more of our garden growing, and also a time to think about landscaping. These are some tips for when we start to think about our spring landscaping.
Photo Credit: Jenni Konrad
  • This one may be a bit dread-worthy, but save the groans for later because spring is the time to get up and do it. Clean up your yard! By yard I mean lawn, garden beds, and the garden in general. Pick up any debris and tidy things up. This will lead way to an amazing, and aesthetically pleasing season.

  • Pay attention to your soil. Spring is the time that you may be thinking about adding some new grass, or basic lawn treatment. So, add some general, organic, balances fertilizer in the areas that need tending to or new grass. This will help with growth. Early spring is also the time to get your soil ready for planting in the garden. Maybe try a soil test and make sure everything is in place before you start the spring and summer plants. Consider adding organic matter or compost to the garden soil to enrich it in nutrients.

  • Has the lawnmower been on vacation during the winter months? Well, spring is here and summer is coming so you may want to sharpen the blades on the mower. You can pay someone to do it, for pretty cheap, or do it yourself. This will ensure that, when you cut the grass, the grass is actually being cut, and not torn. Torn can leave the grass looking brownish and deplete the overall health and promote sickness.

  • Now is the time to not cut your grass too short. So raise the mowing height a bit, if you have to. If you have a grass that is typically more for warmth, like Bermuda, then set the height to about three quarters to an inch. If you have a grass that is more for the cooler climates, like bluegrass, then the height should be around two and a half to four inches.
Photo Credit: Celeste Lindell
  • Lastly, you should mulch. Mulching is important because it will help retain moisture and stop weeds. Apply a four inch layer of mulch and get rid of any weeds that rise up after mulching.


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