Support the Roots!



Fall is an amazing time to start applying fertilizer to our lawns because all of the energy is being put into establishing the roots of the lawn.

Any nutrients that are applied can be so beneficial!


Photo by: Eric Bartholomew


Adding fertilizer at least a couple of times during the fall can help a lot, make sure to space it out a couple months or so.

It is a delicate balance, but when it is done correctly we can see our lawns bounce back beautifully after the winter freezes.



Get Rid Of That Thatch



Thatch is the dead and dying plant material that is building up on our turf.

Fun fact, this really is not the dead leaves and grass clippings.

Those clippings are made up of about eighty-five percent of water and they break down quite simply.

Anyways, if the thatch builds up enough then our heads can start to latch onto the thatch, instead of actual soil.

Our grass then starts to fade because thatch does not have the nutrients that are needed from it.

Power rakes are excellent for getting rid of this dead material.

Making sure to do it early in the fall can be important though so that the roots of the turf have enough time to get strong before winter.

After all, just like aeration, power raking is a bit risky but seriously worth it.


These three steps can help to ensure that our lawns come back beautiful and stay healthy.

Not to mention, is helps the soil which can help any other plants and vegetables that may be there in the future.





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