Fall is basically here, and as gardeners we tend to worry about the gardens and everything there is to do and prepare for, but we also have to worry about our lawns.

In fact, taking care of our lawns in the fall can be really essential to ensure their health in the winter.

Fall is a time when the soil is still at a good temperature, even though it is cooler outside. Usually rainfall is steadier and, overall, conditions are perfect for repairing turf.

Here are some great fall lawn care tips to try out!





We must make sure that our gardens can breathe!

When the lawn is compacted down from all of the running around and summer activity, it can be difficult for it to get essential nutrients and water.

The best way to make sure this happens is to get a core aerator and open up some pockets of air in the lawn.

Now, these are very expensive when looking to purchase, but renting one can be on the cheaper side and it is so worth it in the end!


Photo by: Stephen Ritchie


The best kind of aeration can depend on the soil that is being worked with.

If the soil tends to be heavier, hollow tines may be the best bet.

These simply remove plugs of soil from the lawn.

When soil is sandier spike tines are better.

These simple poke holes in the soil without removing anything.

This process can be kind of risky because things under the soil are being removed and disturbed, but it will ultimately be better in the long run.



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