Fall Gardening (Video)



When the year starts to become a bit colder and things begin to look a bit barren after you have harvested all the spring and summer plants.


A barren garden is never good, but, often we gardeners find this time of year confusing, especially if we are a bit newer to gardening in general.

Photo by: Donaleen

If you find that this might relate to you, then stick around and watch the video provided, by MIgardener, on planting a fall garden and what may be good to plant in it.


His video is really helpful so do not just pass it up if you have any confusion at all with fall gardening. What a lot of people do not realize, and Luke points out in the video, is there is a lot more freedom with fall gardening than you might think.

Photo by: growingwildfarm

Overall, you do not have to plant plants that will make it through super harsh conditions. If you leave yourself enough time before your frost date, you can plant anything that you will want a harvest for in fall.


Obviously not everything, but most things and if you consider greenhouse gardening or indoor gardening then really there is not a limit. But, if you do not really have a jump on the fall gardening and you think there aren’t any options, you are wrong.


What is nice about the video is that Luke explains that you can plant anything you would like and why, but he himself waited until her only had about fifty to sixty days before his frost date, and therefore is a bit more limited with what he can grow.

Photo by: melissa b.

It really gives you some great perspective on things. He gives some suggestions if you are in the same situation as he is and has some great tips and advice so check it out, it is very helpful.


Fall gardening is so great for a number of reasons so do not be afraid to start now, especially if you have a frost date that is a bit later in the season.


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