Everything We Know About Composting Is Wrong, Could It Be True?


Composting is not the same across the world.  Almost any country you visit you will find small differences in how they compost. Many countries just compost leaves alone.  Nothing added.  Just shred them and pile them up.  Really that is the basics of composting.  Trees reach down deep into the ground to bring nutrients and trace elements to leafs to produce food for them.  When the winter comes and they drop the leaves in preparation to survive the winter they are packed full of want is best for growing and supporting the garden plants we want to grow. 

In the fall if you just shred the leaves and pile them up the bottoms of these piles will compost over winter into a very nice and rich usable soil for your garden.  This soil will have all the material your plants need to grow and product wonderfully.  Me, I’m a little more impatient and want to help move the process along quicker the nature.  

The basics of whatever you are doing are always good to know.  If you have never listened to a TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) talk then you are in for a treat.  They are very pleasant, learned and knowledgeable people presenting information with stories and humor. Set back and learn the basics of composting.


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