Irises are such beautiful plants that just might be an amazing addition to our gardens. If we are wanting to add some color, or elegance I think that these are the flowers for us.

These plants thrive in USDA zones three through nine, because the weather gets under freezing in the winter. When this happens, the flowers go dormant and prepare for the next season.

Irises are also simple to maintain, making them a great flower for beginners.


Here are some simple tips and how-to tricks for growing irises.


  • We should first plant the flowers during late summer and in a spot, that has lots of sun. The flowers thrive in soil that has good drainage and require about 6 hours of sun a day.


  • When the spot is picked, it’s time to lay the bed. When it comes to soil and fertilizing, try something that is low in nitrogen and prep the soil to have a pH of a little less than 7, so about neutral. Fertilization should take place twice a year. Once in the early spring and then another time after they bloom.


Photo by: robynvh2


  • These flowers need some room to move around and be free! With this in mind make sure to plant them sixteen to eighteen inches apart.


  • For once mulching is not good. So, don’t mulch! It causes soft rot in the plant.



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