Eight Easiest Perennials To Grow



Okay, let’s be honest with ourselves. Gardening can be hard, tiring work and it is great, but everyone needs a little bit of a break sometimes.

So, here are some plants for “lazy gardeners,” if that even exists.

I like to think of these plants as easy for gardeners who need some peace and some time to relax from the craziness that gardening can be.

Here are the easiest perennials to grow when you need a break. Just plant and then sit back and relax.


Photo by: Leonora (Ellie) Enking
  1. The yellow corydalis. This plant does great in the shade and had feathered foliage, kind of like a fern, with yellow flowers. It re-seeds itself where it pleases and flowers during the summer, which contributes to the light and fun feel. It likes dry conditions and gets to be about a foot tall and wide.



Photo by: K M
  1. Geranium Biokovo (Karmina) has bright red foliage and green leaves. It is beautiful and covers some ground. The flowers that bloom off this plant in the spring are magenta. It gets to be about six to twelve inches.




Photo by: Doug McAbee
  1. Lenten rose is an evergreen and it has many colors to choose from. It is often used to replace boxwood and grows to be about twelve to eighteen inches tall.




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    Photo by: Judy Paris

    Coral bells are another easy one for you! They also have so many color varieties, you could almost plant the whole rainbow in different shades. This is a great container plant. Coral bells get to be about a foot tall, and wide.




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