Dragon Fruit Is Something New To Try



Ever wonder what dragon fruit is like? In some places it’s a common thing to see in homes and grocery stores, but to other people get a look of confusion when talking about it. Why not grow some and find out? It is such a beautiful, unique fruit and it’s actually not that hard to grow in most areas! Here are the steps on how to grow the mysterious dragon fruit.


1. The first thing you have to consider is whether you want to grow from seeds or from a cutting. Seeds are not necessarily more difficult, but they could take up to two years to mature. Seedlings, depending on the size, can take much less time.

Photo Credit: Fauziah Shariff


2. Know if you want the plant in a container, or not, or inside or outside. If you plant outdoors, the tip of the plant, at the least, needs to be on the sun. Dragon fruit prefers the warmth, but can handle light frost. If you tend to have a heavy winter, then place the plant inside.

If you choose to plant the dragon fruit in a container, it should be about fifteen to twenty four inches wide and about ten inches deep. Be aware that you will eventually need to transplant the dragon fruit.


3. Plant in cactus-friendly soil that has good drainage. If you are placing it in the ground you might even want to put it on a hill. It needs good drainage, whether it is in a container or not.


4. When using an ordered plant, or cutting, be very careful when you take it out of the container it is in. Then, replant it flush with the line of soil. When using seeds, you just place them lightly in the container and cover then loosely with soil. Watch for which seeds thrive and then separate those. If you wish for your plant to grow a bit faster, consider putting slow time release fertilizer into the lower depths of the soil.


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