Don’t Miss Out On This New Gardening Method (Video)


As gardeners, it is often simple to get comfortable. Meaning, we get a routine or a way of doing things and we settle there in those methods for years and years.

Well, as said before, the great thing about the online gardening community is that it has become so simple to share ideas and methods that work for us all.

How about we try a new one method?

There is always room for fault, so maybe one of these ideas will be worth it.

One of the ones that sounds very helpful to me is the core gardening method shown in the video brought to us today by MIgardener.

It is about how to set up a core gardening bed and a general idea of core gardening itself.

The man in the video swears that this has been the best method for him, and recommends that you think about trying it during the off season.

Don’t be afraid to go out on a limb!

MIgardener does a really great job explaining and demonstrating everything in the video which is always such a great thing.


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