Different Ways To Use Our Compost


There is more than just one way to use compost in your garden. Some people simply mix it into the soil and call it done, but there are more ways to include it and reap the benefits of compost. If you have enough compost why not use it in all the ways you can! Here are some different ways to use compost in the garden.

Photo Credit: Eli Sagor

1. The obvious one is to add it in when you first plant. This is important and if you are not doing it then you should definitely start, you will see a difference! Just add a decent amount of compost right into the hole that you are going to put your plant in. There are different amounts and ways to do it for different plants, but no matter what plant or how you do it, the compost will provide essential nutrients and help trap moisture. This combination will ensure deep, well established roots.
2. You can make your own potting soil with compost. Doing this can save you a ton of money and you will know exactly what is in your potting soil, which is always nice. When you make the soil, you should use four parts of compost, four parts top soil, and one part sand.
3. You can make a compost tea that will serve as an amazing, and very organic fertilizer for your plants. The high salt and chemical levels that build up when you use synthetic fertilizers can end up ruining your soil. With compost tea, this is avoided. Just make the tea and soak the area that you wish to fertilize.
4. Compost for mulch! You get the weed suppression, moisture trapper, and a steady source of nutrients all in one. Just add about an inch or two of compost about six inches around your plants. With watering and rain, the nutrients in the compost will leak into your plant and feed it.
5. Use it to dress up your fall and/or spring gardens. This is a great way to start the new season. Add a couple inches of compost onto your garden beds and work them into your soil about six inches deep. This will greatly improve the soil over time.



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