Different Methods For Growing Strawberries



Strawberries are popular desserts and are great snacks themselves.

These are used in drinks, smoothies, cakes, and other tasty treats.

Some people think that it is impossible for them to grow strawberries and they expect that it needs lots of time, attention, effort, and even money.

However, we are now here to change those thoughts.

Gardeners can choose to grow theirs in the yard with one of these three simple and easy ways.

No matter how gardeners want to grow theirs, the first step is to always decide on what kind they prefer – perpetual strawberries, June strawberries, day neutral strawberries, or Alpine strawberries.

Photo by: tiffany terry


Greenhouse Strawberries


  • Choose a location that gets plenty of sunlight as they grow best in full sun exposure.

  • Use well-drained and mildly acidic soils. The plant, especially its crown, loves dry conditions. When spring and winter comes, gardeners should use fresh, organic mulch.

Photo by: Miha Cucek
  • Gardeners should be wary of verticillium wilt and other pests through keeping the greenhouse clean, getting rid of dead leaves, and planting them away from eggplants and tomatoes as much as possible.

  • Water frequently especially in the summer.

  • Get rid of weeds.



Container Strawberries


Photo by: Horticulture Group
  • Choosing a container. Popular choices include hanging baskets, special planters, crates, and terracotta pots. Some gardeners also repurpose old things such as window boxes, animal drinking troughs, tubs, and wheelbarrows.

  • One of the advantages of container strawberries is that the containers can be moved any time so that they can get full sun exposure.



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