Creating A Visually Pleasing Garden


Gardening is always a fun, beneficial hobby to have, but it cannot hurt to make things a bit more artistic in the garden. That may sound odd, but adding some unique plants to our collection makes things very aesthetically pleasing and also can start some great conversation. Shake things up in the garden with some of these wonderful flowers!
Photo Credit: Tracie Hall
  1. The Blue Honeywort
    This plant is so vibrant! It really stands out because of its blue leaves and purple flowers. Also, it matures quickly, is easy to start from seeds, and is considered very durable.
Photo Credit: Leonora (Ellie) Enking
  1. White Alpine Strawberries
    You definitely do not see these every day. Instead of the traditional, red strawberry, these berries turn a light pink when they are ripe. They are often considered even sweeter than your everyday strawberry and have a slight pineapple taste. They are fairly simple to grow and are hardy in zones 3a to 8b. These delicious plants produce during the summer.


  1. The Fernleaf Fiddleneck
    This plant looks like something straight from a cartoon with its lavender color, curled look, and fuzz feel. They do not require much care at all seeing that they tend to do very well when left alone completely.
Photo Credit: mikemennonno
  1. Globe Thistles
    Basically, these look like bright purple balls, made of stars, at the end of a stem. They are so fun! If you choose to plant them remember that they need to be planted right after the last frost of spring.


  1. Blue Passionflower
    I have to say, these flowers just seem wacky, like a circus act. But that is what makes them so great! The blue passionflower does best in warm climates. In fact, the seeds germinate in soil that is warm and slightly wet and you should only need a few seeds because the flower’s vines are large and plentiful.

Photo Credit: Lisa Ann Yount


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