Creating A Colorful Flower Bed (Part 1)



Keep the color scheme in mind


A bed with every imaginable color and no organization can be overpowering and can look messy.

Photo by: jadean

One good rule of thumb is to have three main colors in one bed. We can add variety by using different shades inside each color.

The neutrals in the garden are the greens and whites, though they alone can be an oasis on a hot summer day.

Areas with one color scheme can inspire a sense of calm and order. Using different shades of the same chosen color are also pleasing.



photo by: Niharb

For a more flashy look, try using two colors in an unique combination.

Using primary colors that are opposite of each other on a color wheel has a dramatic, vibrant impact.

Using three main hues of color, such as pink, yellow and purple, may be difficult, but the appeal is worth it.
photo by: Neil Harvey

This is just part 1 of Creating A Colorful Flower Bed.  Check out part 2 coming soon!



-My Yard Garden

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