Creating A Colorful Flower Bed (Part 1)



Spring is near (in some growing zones, sorry northeast), we look at last year’s flower bed and want to do something different this year.

Photo by: Dave & Margie Hill / Kleerup

It’s time to plan the garden and flower beds for this year.

We can’t go wrong with a flower bed filled from bottom to top with masses of color and bloom from spring through fall!


If we want a flower bed filled with just one plant it is easy to get it right.

But if we want a vivid mix of colors and shapes with a mix of fragrances that will fill the space for all the growing season then we will need to do some planning and consider some basic design guidelines.


Photo by: Mark Fosh

Planning is needed each year and throughout the year. Always be on the lookout for what is working and what is not.


How do different plants do as they mature?

Do the perennial’s bloom throughout the growing season?


Perennials at the back of the bed that grow up are a great way to have the same color and texture as a starting point to place annuals in the front of the bed.


Selecting the right spot


Photo by: Jill Clardy

There are areas that just lend themselves to being a flower bed, along the foundation, along the side or back fence, or along the sidewalks.

These areas may be the classic choices because they are transition areas.

Let’s not overlook any other areas since any space can be a bed and still look great.


Choose the shape


Flower beds do not have to always be a square or rectangle.

They are only limited by what we can envision in our minds.

Photo by: magro_kr

Traditional and modern style landscapes lend themselves to the square and rectangle beds.

The more casual landscapes may go better with the sweeping or gentle curves.

Use of a kidney-shaped or irregular oval works well for island beds out in the lawn.

Keep in mind how the bed will fit in with the garden or architectural of the house.

We can experiment with the shapes by laying out the garden hose as the bed and see how it fits.

Large as practical is best and will give the flowers room to expand and make more of an impact on the view.



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