Create An Unique Piece With Succulent Wall Art


  1. Next, our add soil. You can add a cactus soil mix into the side of the frame with the mesh, and work the soil over the mesh with your fingers. The mesh and wood backing will hold the soil into place. Make sure you fill the frame completely.
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  1. Now, you plant the cuttings. This step is pretty easy. You just poke the cutting’s end into the holes in the mesh, and into the soil. Then, you leave the frame lying flat, and in the sun, but somewhere relatively cool, for about seven to ten days. Then you can start watering the plants. In about four to twelve weeks the roots will be well established and you can put the frame upright, in an area with some sun, morning sun is the best. When the soil starts to look dry, just lay the frame flat and water lightly. When the water is pretty drained, you can hang it back up.
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Add some garden art into your home and be amazed at how great it looks!



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