Create An Unique Piece With Succulent Wall Art



There are so many ways that we can incorporate gardening into our life and even decor.

One way is making a piece of succlent wall art!
Photo Credit: Adam Kopras

It is so unique and beautiful!


Here are the simple steps on how to make our own succulent wall art.


  1. First we need to get us an assembled frame for our garden art. We can make it ourselves, which is not too difficult when having the right materials, or we can get one from the store. A frame that measures about six by twelve inches should be just fine. And make sure the open side of the frame has mesh on it.
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  1. The best way to recycle and save money is just by using cuttings from previous plants. If you are able to, get some cuttings and let them lay out in a cool area for a few days so that they callus over. The number of cuttings you get depends on the size of a frame but if it is the standard six by twelve inch then about sixty plants should suffice.
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