Crabgrass In Lawns

Crabgrass is defined as any persistent weed or unwanted grass that grows in our manicured lawn.  Crabgrass grows during the hot temperatures of mid and late summer.  If  weeds grow during early spring or last fall then they are probably not crabgrass.
Photo by: Karin Beil

There a many weeds that look like crabgrass but the treatment are all similar so what difference does it make which one it truly is.
Photo by:Harry Rose

Crabgrass is a weed that is just waiting for an opportunity.  During the hot and dry parts of the summer when from lack of water your lawn begins to thin that is Crabgrass’s opportunity.  Thinning is just what Crabgrass needs to get a foothold in your lawn and flourish.  If you lawn has a particularly unhealthy single year than crabgrass can come in and that over in the span of one season.


The best defense for crabgrass development is to keep your  lawn healthy and thick.  Watering regularly and make sure the soil is moist is the best way to keep healthy and thick lawn.  Do not cut the grass too short.  Let grass grow until it is about two and a half inches long for best results.  The healthier and thicker you lawn is the fewer changes crabgrass will have to work its way into your lawn.
Photo by: Matt Lavin


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