Compost And A Water System Are Essential For A Garden


When we want to make our garden sustainable, a compost and a water system are needed. There’s no need to worry though. This great video will help us achieve both of them. This video is helpful both for newbie gardeners as well as veterans who are looking for great ideas on how they can have a successful garden experience and harvest better produce.


The Ideal Garden


What makes a garden ideal? First, we need enough space. We need to make sure that our plant beds have sufficient distance from each other. If ever we want to grow some vines, we would need a trellis. Second, we need to pay attention to organization. Just like in the video, there is a bed that is exclusively for herbs. There are specific spots for flowers and there are specific beds for vegetables. This will help us provide the ideal care for each specific kind of plant.

Lastly, we need to put up structures for protection. In the video, windmills were put up to drive squirrels, rabbits, and other rodents away from the plants and to keep the produce safe. In addition, we took measures to also protect the garden from natural calamities.


Compose Great Compost
Photo Credit: vigilant20

With sufficient water and ingenuity, we can ensure optimum plant growth and nourishment making them elite plants. Instead of plain water, we designed a water barrel that is exclusively for use with the compost. To help plants absorb more nutrients, we soak compost with the water and leave it for a few days. Then, we use that to water the plants.


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