Comparing Different Types Of Mulch


Gardening is a long process. This makes doing different experiments difficult because of the time it takes to get good results, and also the money and effort that is put into something that we are not so sure about.


It can be hard to expand our horizons when it comes to gardening because most of us kind of stick to what we know works. Well, with this huge, online gardening community, many of us do not even have to go outside to do the testing! This sure does save some time, money, and effort!


Today there is a video that shows a person’s personal journey while experimenting with three types of mulches. The video is called, “No Dig Gardening. Interesting Experiment To Compare Three Mulches- And Full Results…” and it is by Way Out West Blow.
Photo Credit: Scott & Emily

The experiment is very interesting to watch because it was filmed throughout the course of nine months. When they say “full results” they really mean it!


The three mulches that were compared are sand, sawdust, and straw pellets. The man in the video really goes into detail about how each type of mulch can help or harm the soil.



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