Choosing Nutritious Vegetables For Our Gardens


Vegetables are always a great thing to grow at home.

How can we go wrong, they save us money, time, and just generally are delicious when organic and grown at home.

When we have limited room in our yards, we should be sure to grow a selection of nutritious vegetables to keep on our tables. There are some that are better than others.
Photo by: Dwight Sipler
  • Kale, this plant is packed with a lot of calcium and vitamins such as vitamins A, C, K and B6. Not to mention, it resists frosts and adds great texture to whatever you add it to.
Photo by: Toshiyuki IMAI
  • Broccoli is very, closely related to kale, and is extremely good for you as well. It is high in fiber and it has polyphenols. These things have even been related to the prevention of some cancers and degenerative diseases. It also contains a well amount of beta carotene, vitamin C, vitamin K, and folate.
Photo by: Jason Bachman
  • Spinach: Believe me, Popeye was right about this stuff! Spinach is like a factory for vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin K, vitamin B2 and B6 iron, lutein, magnesium, folate, manganese, betaine, calcium, potassium, zinc, folic acid, copper, protein, selenium, phosphorus, niacin and omega-3 fatty acids. So, do you want to turn into a superhero? Try some spinach, your body will thank you.

  • Brussel Sprouts: I can remember pushing these off of my plate when I thought no one was looking when I was about five years old. Now, I wish I would have eaten them because they are loaded with folic acid (great for pregnancy), fiber, calcium, and vitamin A, vitamin K, and vitamin C.
Photo by: going on going on
  • Tomatoes: It is ironic, because these fruits are popular and can probably be found on any vegetable list. Anyways, these plants are as great for you as they are delicious. They have a lot of lycopene, which is linked to cancer prevention and are rich in vitamins A, C, and K. Tomatoes are even though to have properties in them that lowers blood pressure.
photo by: Carsten Czaja
  • Onions: These are so good for us and are thought to keep us healthy in a variety of ways! Onions have a peptide within them called GPCS. This peptide helps slow the usage of calcium in the body, which can prevent osteoporosis. They also have a high level of vitamin C and folate, which are both very good for your heart. Scientists also think the level of sulfur in onions can aid the connective tissue in our body.
Photo by: Heather
  • Sweet Potatoes: These are way healthier for you than a regular potato. These contain vitamin C, A, manganese, fiber, and iron. The skin is the best part for you!
photo by: Rae Allen




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