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Fun DIY Planter Bird Bath

Fun DIY Planter Bird Bath

  With summer here soon it’s time to think of ways to have fun outside and this is also a great way to add something new to your back yard or garden! These are simple DIY instructions on creating your own planter bird bath. Supplies needed: NOTE: These are guidelines to follow and you shouldn’t

7 Awesome DIY Planter Ideas

    Building new planters for the summer is also a great idea when you’re in a DIY mood! Here are some ideas we put together for DIY planters that you could do and don’t require a lot of skills to complete. Everything from pots and containers to hanging and vertical planter ideas! 1. Raised


  Each area has a different growing season. If you’re a beginner at gardening then you will want to know when to start your vegetable seeds. By knowing and following the zone chart you can plant your seeds at the correct optimum time. Matching your vegetables to the length of your growing season is recommendation. If you are

Care for Cactus and Succulent

    First you must realize that the words “cacti” and “succulent” are general terms. Cacti belong to a specific family of plants. The species in the family of cacti come from many different habitats. Some are true desert dwellers, others live in grasslands, and still others live high in the Andes Mountains and a

What Is A Succulent Plant?

    Succulent (Latin: succos = juice, sap) plants have evolved special water-storage tissues in thickened leaves, stems or roots as an adaptation to the arid climates of deserts and semi-deserts. Many of these habitats have high day temperatures and special physical fetchers of the plant have evolved to collect and conserve the limited moisture