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Eight Easiest Perennials To Grow

Eight Easiest Perennials To Grow

    Okay, let’s be honest with ourselves. Gardening can be hard, tiring work and it is great, but everyone needs a little bit of a break sometimes. So, here are some plants for “lazy gardeners,” if that even exists. I like to think of these plants as easy for gardeners who need some peace


Freeze Damage Is Not Dead

.       One of the fall chores in the garden is preparing for the winter. Winterizing half hardy and sub-tropical plants is crucial to having them make it through the winter.  We love to have fantasy plants in our garden that would normally have no place in your climate.  If we do, then

Great Flowers for Color and Texture in the Garden

Cone Flowers     Coneflowers are cute, and charming flowers that add a lot of different colors, and dynamic to a garden. When they mature, you can bring some of that charm into your home. Here are some tips on growing coneflowers. Planting the Flowers First you need to loosen your soil. Till, or dig,