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Flowering Plants That Provide Great Scents

Flowering Plants That Provide Great Scents

    When we grow plants, specifically flowers, scent should always be something to consider. Flowers that put off a scent are a great idea for indoor plants to place in our homes or outdoor on our porches. Some plants, like lavender, can even be used in additional ways than just providing flowers.   Here

Snapdragons In The Garden

  Growing snapdragon (Antirrhinum majus) in the garden or flower bed will provide cool season color and is a great transition plant from the tall background plant to the shorter bedding plants in the front.  Snapdragon’s are a mid-sized plant in the bed.   There are many varieties of snapdragon that will provide a wonderful

Why Not Wildflowers?

    Adding wildflowers to your garden can mean adding something that is less controlled and greatly colorful. What is wrong with this? Well, even though seed companies are promising instant wildflower gardens in different forms, they are actually a more complicated thing to add to your garden than you might think. Many people believe