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Go Big With Chrysanthemums!

Go Big With Chrysanthemums!

  Chrysanthemums are usually the superstars in gardens. With its moniker “mums”, its name originated from Greek words “chrysos” which means gold and “anthos” which means flower. It is, indeed, as precious as gold originating from China more than two thousand years ago. During the fall, when it’s time for other blooms and plants to

Garden Tips For Growing Snapdragons

  Snapdragons are a popular choice among gardeners and landscapers because it’s the epitome of what flowers should be like. It boasts of having both sweet fragrance and exceptional beauty. They need partial to full sun exposure in the spring and fully bloom from its seeds after at least eighty days. Ideally, these tender perennials

How To Grow Hydrangeas

  Hydrangeas are one, if not the prettiest shrub which fully blooms during summer and fall. Hydrangeas loves most kind of soils – acidic, slightly alkaline, and neutral. It can grow either with partial or full sun exposure. It falls on USDA zone 3-9 and can add a splash of vibrant colors in any garden