Lawn Care articles

Miniature Pond DIY

Water features are wonderful in the back yard or near the garden.  When you have very little area to work with you can still have the beauty of a small water feature.  When you are limited to a balcony, patio or back door area this pond in a box can fit.  You can make it

Fascinating Fireflies

Most folks can probably identify an adult firefly, but can you identify a larval one? I found this little guy (or girl?) this past summer on a driveway in eastern Pennsylvania. These fascinating – and garden-friendly! – Insects are likely facing massive population declines due to habitat loss, light pollution, and pesticide exposure. Encouraging them

Winter Color and Texture in Garden or Lawn

Winter, for some of us, can be a time that is full of harsh weather and bare yards. It can be difficult to keep a garden alive with minimal sunlight and cold air. But believe it or not, it doesn’t have to be difficult at all. With the right kinds of plants and care, a