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How to Make Cement Hands for the Garden

How to Make Cement Hands for the Garden

Use of decorative cement in the garden has been going on since the Romans formulated the stuff.  It is a great medium since it can be molded and formed into almost any shape. It has been used as a bed border, planter, paving stones, planter stands and even as a latte. We have seen it

Ideas for Mini Backyard Greenhouses

  Greenhouses can be very handy, especially when it may not be the optimal season for a specific plant. With a greenhouse you won’t have to worry as much about keeping those plant going. So here are some cheap, do-it-yourself, mini greenhouse ideas that can be very beneficial.     One great idea that I

DIY Japanese Zen Gardens

  Over the centuries Japanese garden masters created a well-defined art of stone arrangement. It is based on five fundamental stone shapes that may be achieved directly, or a stone may be buried or positioned to achieve the shape. Among these primary stones are smaller “helping” stones that may be added to create a more