Building A Bottle Tower For Our Plants (Video)



Not all of us have space for a large garden.  When we are limited on space, growing vertical seem to be the best option.

In the video Prof. Dr. Willem Van Cotthem he demonstrates the use of vertical planters to save space, water and fertilizer by creating a bottle tower.

This is a great method of conserving resources in an arid climate and help improve the supply of fresh vegetables throughout the world.
Photo by: Daniel Morrison


Starting with an ordinary plastic bottle we cut the bottom completely off.  Leave the cap tightly on the bottle top. Then at the top of the bottle we punch two small drainage holes across from each other where the bottle is tapered.

We then fill the bottle with a mixture or soil and compost.  We fill it to one inch from the cut off bottom.  This now becomes the bottom bottle in our tower.
Photo by: Sid Das


The second bottle cut and filled with the same mix of soil and compost.  We then remove the lid from the bottle and discard it. The second bottle is then placed into the open bottom of the first and snugged down into it.  The bottle tower must be secured to a steady fixture such as a fence, pole in the ground or other vertically stable support.

Using the same method as the second bottle we now can place a third, fourth and fifth bottle onto the stack.  Be sure and secure every other bottle to the support with binding wire or another secure fastener.
Photo by: Ars Electronica


The top portion of a sixth bottle can be placed onto the top of the fifth bottle to be used as funnel for the tower.  We can now use a seventh bottle with the bottom cut of it as a water reserve bottle over the funnel.  In the cap of the seventh bottle drill a one mm hole to allow the water to drip into the funnel and flow through the tower to water our plants.

We now take a sharp knife and cut along 3 sides of a rectangle leaving the bottom portion of the rectangle uncut.  We can place one or two cuts into each bottle depending on what is planned to be planted.  Using our finger, we hold the plastic open and push a hole into the dirt.  We then place a seedling pant or seed into the dirt through the opening.

We hope you find this information helpful and useful.  I know we will be trying this to see how it works. If you have any question or comments, please let us know.

Now enjoy the video.


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